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  Miguel Angel Gomez

Great customer service

  Dan K

Got an oil change. They promised to be done within 30 min, and had my keys back in about 25. Didn't try to sell me stuff I didn't need. I think that's the first time a mechanic hasn't done that, so I really appreciate that. Scott, the manager was very professional.

  Alejandra Meza

They took me right in, the staff was nice, convenient hours, not that typical place that tries to sale you things that you don't need, absolutely a great experience!

  team little.

The service department here is excellent! They were quick honest and awesome :)

  Jenn Mothes

I had to get off 495 because my old wipers were smearing the salt and yuck from the winter roads so badly I had trouble with visibility in the first light snow of the season. I pulled in and asked if they could sell me wipers. I don't think they do standardly, but I think they saw a mama who wasn't quite prepared for first snow and were willing to do so. I took off my old wipers to verify the size and they sold them to me straight since I could install them myself. I also grabbed a coffee and the guys were in great spirits, threw in my coffee for free, which was very kind. Best part was when I COULDN'T install them myself after trying for several minutes I turned around to go back to the shop and one of the younger associates was already heading my way. He had seen me struggling in the snow to install the new blades and showed me how to do it in two seconds flat. It's not my neighborhood, but if it was they would have earned a customer for life.

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